Friday, March 30, 2007


I have a long list of works in progress. Each vary in different genre. So I thought I'd post a list of them here.

1 - Super Queen!, a gay superhero MS is finished.

2 - Ring of Darkness, horror/vampire

3 - Available - mm/f roamantic erotica

4 - Deadly Obsession - suspense or romantic suspense

5 - Kari & the Vampire - horror

6 - More Than A Stud - MM romantic erotica

7 - SHAKKARR - she wolf of Carlson County

8 Groves Corner - mystery

9 - Family Life - literary(?)

10 - Slut - MM romantic erontica

11 - Boyfriends- MM comedy

12 - Man Running In Stilettos - Mm comedy

13 -Morgan's Bluff - uncertain genre maybe MM erotica

14- A Matter of Time - MM romantic erotica

15- Just Another Day - MM romantic ertotica

16 - Harry - uncertain genre

17 - Blood Slave - MM erotica

I've been learning how to develop stories faster by writing many pages each day. So I am trying to get myself use to that. If I do 10 to 20 pages daily an MS can be written before a month is over. That's good. With all these I've listed it would take me an eon to complete each one. Of course, I'll keep you updated on their progress.

I've decided to star writing Deadly Obsession. It's been on the back burner for some time.

Okay. I'll shut up - for now.

Jerry -

Thursday, March 29, 2007

I created a couple of yahoo groups. One is for me to posts excerpts of my WIPs & publsihed MS. The other group deals with brainstorming, It's for members who have trouble with stories they write. Each member will help the other brainstorm ideas. That group alrleady has a few members.

I'll post their links here later.

Someone has edited Super Queen Ms. After I clean up the last 4 chapters she'll be flying to New Jersey to be read by literary agent Evan Michaels.

I hope he enjoys SQ & takes us on as a client. That will make me one happy homo. Oh. oops you didn't know that?

Of course, you all will be kept posted on SQ's status.

Keeping fingers & everything else I can, crossed.

Ciao for now.


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Super Queen!

Super Queen is my 1st completed novel.

I recently queried literary agent Evan Marshal. Yay! He replied and told me to send her at my convenience.

Someone has edite the MS and I've gotten all but five chapters cleaned up on the edits. I've been putting them off, but will do my best to finish them, hopefully this week. Even though that happens I'll need to print them out since he prefers MS be sent snail mail. So next month I have to buy more ink and paper. Hope the PO doesn't charge a lot.

When SQ get published I'm sure she'll sell well. That will make me a happy homo.

I'll post a blurb of SQ here soon.

In the mean time keep your fingers crossed. :)

Ciao for now.